Freedom x Remote Jobs

Oi Freedom Hunters! Whenever I ask “What is freedom to you?”, there is always someone who includes “quitting the 9-5” in their response, which is totally awesome. And then comes the wish to work remotely, which totally makes sense.

But then I ask “if you could work remote doing ANYTHING YOU WANT, what would you choose?”

And the answers change completely.

We tend to assume that getting a decent income working remotely is something quick and easy, like a hole-filler that you can immediately fill with some of your skills (languages, project management, etc.). And this is when we FAIL.

By all means, if your ULTIMATE dream is to be a  remote translator, or a VA, or a remote social media manager or project manager, GO FOR IT.

But we (and by “we” I mean me too, for years) make the same mistake, to think that we could get an income with something remote that “pays the bills” so that we can finally focus on getting an income with something remote that we like.

It’s not impossible, of course, but LIFE IS TOO SHORT! If you need to start from scratch and create your freelance platform profiles, build a client portfolio, devise marketing strategy and campaign, etc to try and get translation/ VA / social media clients, you might as well just use the same time and energy to go after a client portfolio, marketing, profiles, etc for your dream work!

And it’s not only a matter of focus and time saved. The thing is, establishing yourself as a remote worker of ANY job TAKES THE SAME AMOUNT OF EFFORT. And if it’s something that’s not even your main goal, you’ll be competing against people who have THIS as their main goal and focus, people who are actively marketing themselves as VAs / translators / etc, hanging out in the VA communities, writing VA blogs, creating VA posts, scouring freelance platforms and FB groups for VA jobs, honing their VA cvs, building spreadsheets of possible clients to reach out to… And don’t get me started on LEARNING about VA / translation/ social media software and tools. It’s SO TIME CONSUMING, especially if you’re only doing it to get money to fund your healthy food biz. We are ALL blessed with 24 hours every day. Using 5 of them to willingly learn stuff we don’t want to get work we don’t want doesn’t make much sense. You’ll only change your unhappy office 9-5 for an unhappy out-of-office 9-9.

When you look for work you don’t want, you don’t want a job, you want MONEY. Money to keep dreaming of your ideal lifestyle. And we all know what it ultimately means: you’ll either overcharge your client because you’ll use some of the time you’re being paid to work for them to do your own thing, or you’ll be ethic and respect the time, and use your out-of-work hours to build your own thing. Is this freedom? Is this life quality?

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m the first defender of the quote “I work 10 hours a day so that I don’t have to work 10 hours a day”, and I know that a girl/guy’s gotta do what a girl/guy’s gotta do. But since you’re choosing to fund your ideal life, be smart about it, and that means not taking unnecessarily exhausting routes that are gonna take 5 extra years to get you there.

I mean, it is totally possible to get a full income as a remote worker. Everything you want is possible, and you can totally get to this point as well, of being a full-time remote [insert activity], but if it’s not what you ultimately want, why invest time and energy in the unwanted direction?

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