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  • Is traveling the world a privilege of few?

    The great majority of the people who complain about the lack of freedom in their jobs (note: they are actively complaining, they are not being told by any obnoxious traveler that they MUST travel as the only way of being wiser and more enlightened human beings) are exactly those who do it and finish the sentence with “I got too used to the comforts my high-paying wage gives me”. They are the people who “wish so much they could travel” but simply can’t do without living in a fancy loft, having a new iPhone, iPad, iPod, several TV and music streaming subscriptions, “treating themselves” to a nice lunches in fancy places, going out and splurging on fancy cocktails in fancy clubs, having a professional manicure and/or visit to the hair salon every week, and so on, and wonder where do travelers get the savings to go away.